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Naoradehi wildlife sanctuary [NWLS] division [area 1200 sq k.m.] is located at the trijunction of Sagar Damoh and Narsingpur districts and is the single largest forest block of the area . NWLS is a unique protected area [PA] where in two major river basins of India are encompassed, namely the Ganges and the Narmada. Three fourth of WLS falls in the Yamuna [Ganges] and one fourth of the WLS falls in the Naramada basin. Thus it is on of the unique PA where such a great transitional biodiversity values exist. (Inspite of 70 villages located inside the PA).
NWLS not only takes care the biodiversity conservation of this area but also preserves the cultural diversity of this area but also preserves the cultural diversity of this area and caters the water requirement for all the purposes through its vast forested catchment and thus adds to the local economy in a signifcant way.
The forest tract here is of typical Vindhyan type. It is dry deciduous type, with Teak as its predominant species in many patches. River Kopra Bamner and Bearma originate in and around the PA and traverse through and are the main water courses for human habitation and wildlife in and around the sanctuary. The chief floral elements include Teak, Saja, Dhaora, Bhirra, Ber, and Amla etc.
The chief faunal element in the category of herbivores include Nilgai, Chinkara, Chital, Sambhar, Black Buck, Barking deer, Commom Langur and Rhesus Macaque.
Variety of reptiles found include Fresh water Turtles, Terrestrial Tortoises Moniter Lizards and Fresh Water Crocodile and Snakes. A short survey of birds revealed the richness of avian population which includes one of the rarest bird Spotted Grey Creeper (Salpornis spilonotos).
The other important resident and migratory birds groups include Storks(Painted, Adjutant, Openbilled), Cranes, Egrets, Lapwings, Vultures, Kites, Owls, Kingfishers, Eagles, Patridges, Quails, Doves etc to list only a few.
The spectrum of carnivores of the sanctuary are seen to be belived. This includes Tiger, Panthers, Indian Wolf, WildDog, Jackal, Grey Fox, Common Otter. Sighting of a Tiger or Panther is a difficult proposition in this sanctuary. They have become much more elusive because of high biotic pressure and human presence. But the evidences of these two big cats are everywhere to see. Hyenas and Sloth Bears are common.
Naoradehi Management has chosen The Indian Wolf (Canis lupus pallipes) as its KEY STONE SPECIES and credited on the mono of NWLS, because of its super predatory nature. One more importance of the sanctuary lies in its richness of species and number of dog family representation listed else where.

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Jabalpur 180 KM and Bhopal 200 KM

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Nearest Railway Station is Sagar

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